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   Custom Illustrations are created by hand with pen and ink and colored digitally on the computer. You are provided a high resolution JPEG image upon final approval. Printing is not included in the prices. This final image is suitable for paper printing, canvas, murals, books, magazines, photos and web, also compatible with heat transfers, sublimated or direct to garment printing. The art is NOT vectorized and should be considered more like a photograph than a vector logo. Vector formatting is available upon request and requires an additional design fee.

   All Custom Illustrations are completed in phases with the opportunity to make changes. Making changes is part of the artistic process. This is YOUR artwork and I want it to be right for you! Small changes and additions to artwork are anticipated. I include up to 2 rounds of changes if needed. Any additional or major concept changes that require a complete redesign will incur a design charge of $50 per hour.

   You own the rights to reprint and use any materials drawn for you in all of your marketing materials. So you can use the illustrations however you see fit! You can print the images as often as you like in whole or in part for eternity. You can build a website, make posters, tee-shirts, temporary tattoos, product, packaging and anything else you can conceive. I also maintain the rights to use the illustrations on my website. However, the pieces will not be available for sale to any other publication. They are custom drawn for your project. With the exception of logos the name ED HOSE or ED HOSE ILLUSTRATION must be visible in association with the images. It can be small, but it should be there.


   Sizes are determined by the amount of detail and size of the panel that I originally draw on. Most Images can be printed as small as a postage stamp and up to twenty feet wide. 


Black and White Small Line Drawing

$150 -$350


Full Color Small Concept Drawing No people, No background

$250 -$350


Full Color Small Drawing



Full Color Medium Drawing

$550- $700


Full Color Large Drawing









Book Packages

$1,500- $5,000


   Prices for custom work are determined after a free consultation. The above services are priced within ranges. Those are just general guidelines, every projected is quoted individually based on the size, amount of detail and projected time to complete as well as the factors of time urgency, reference materials, research etc.










   I am NOT A MONSTER! I am more than willing to try and work within your budget. I regularly give discounts to non-profits and sob stories. I also love creative this illegal to talk about? I once drew a picture for $100 and a SonicCare Toothbrush System. I didn't even need the toothbrush; I just wanted to be able to say it happened. I have also drawn pictures in exchange for helicopter rides and medical services. Most drawings take between 10-40 hours or more. While I need to feel compensated for my time, I will consider exchanging goods or services for partial payment. Tip of the Day: The weirder the offer, the more likely I am to go for it.

   Also, on rare occasions if you mention an idea to me and you can not afford to pay for it but it is a FANTASTIC idea and that idea gets stuck in my head and I can't get rid of it, I will be forced to draw it just so I can sleep at night. If that happens you will actually get the artwork for has to be a really AMAZING idea though...or really late night at the bar...or if you find me covered in social anxiety, hiding in a closet at a fancy dress party.

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