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Ed Hose, illustrator, fine art, children's books

     As a child, I was allowed to draw on the walls. Coloring outside the lines was an understatement and thinking outside the box was so celebrated, I am pretty sure I grew up without a box altogether.

   “The world is your oyster” philosophy convinced me I could be anything I wanted to be. We are all very lucky that I wanted to be an artist and not an accountant or closet organizer. I love drawing and consider myself a torrential brain stormer. I also love the puzzle of designing for other people and bringing their dreams to visual fruition.


   In 2001 I received a BFA in Illustration and Design from Tyler School Of Art at Temple University and have been freelancing ever since.


   The style I work in is a combination of hand drawing and digital imaging. The drawing is created with pen and ink and then colored on the computer. The finished product is a print ready high resolution image that can be output onto any substrate from tee-shirts to wallpaper, murals to mugs.

   This style suits me well as I have yet to destroy a carpet with my computer. I also love to paint and sculpt...but let's just say that I have never received a security deposit back from any place I have lived.


   Speaking of places I live, I currently reside on the Georgia coast in the sleepy little town of Brunswick. I am kept company by a plethora of fleas hosted by my dog Moxie. I also have two little boys, you know, future rock stars/physicists/world leaders. Forcing my children to take part in my art projects is one of my greatest pleasures. I recently organized a performance piece where I convinced "regular" people to wrap themselves in sheets and cuddle on the beach like walrus. You can read about that and many other adventures on my blog (and here's a link to the walrus story).


   Thank you for perusing my website. Consider commissioning a one of a kind piece or simply say hello. I relish your thoughts and comments!

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