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Prepare to make the sweetest thing ever in your Life Sandwich Drawing Class!


Life Sandwiches are portraits that tell more about the meat of a persons life, than just what they look like. Concentrating on special moments, inside jokes and favorite things the life sandwich is the perfect way to celebrate someone you love.


These Workshop style classes offer you the opportunity to create the Perfect One-Of-A-Kind Gift for someone special, or simply tell your story in an illustration. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Simply bring an idea that you would like to illustrate and I will help you bring it to fruition.


Using basic tools of pen, ink and pencils we will tell that story in a drawing. All Materials provided! Of course if you have a favorite medium feel free to bring that too!


We will work on developing your personal style, solidify a concept and lay out the drawing. The second part of the class involves executing and refining the design. Learn to think out of the box about what a portrait is. don't even need to draw a person to see them in an illustration.


Please arrive a few minutes early to class, Have some sort of idea what story you want to tell in your picture.

Is it a Gift?

Is it a memory?

What are your Favorite things about this person?

What are their pet peeves?

What do they love?

When you think of them what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Where would this drawing take place?

What is the theme?

What is symbolic to you about them?

What are special elements you would like to include?

Dates, times, initials, words, mantras, toys, objects, feelings?


Need Some Inspiration Click Here



Do not worry, your idea does not need to be totally fleshed out, but please arrive knowing who you want to make something special for. And YES! It can be just for you! You are Special too!




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Private Class $110  Please call to arrange time

You Can SIgn Up For Your Class Here Now Or Call me at 912-399-4533

Life Sandwich Class $55


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