Book Packages are available at several price levels to meet a variety of needs. Using a combination of full color spreads and or small icons and character elements, we can meet the design needs to fit your budget. Book Packages generally range from $1,500 - $5,000 for illustration depending on size, detail, reference, time frame, and research involved. Official price quotes are determined after initial free consultation. 

   The price does not include printing. The price also does not include book layout. I work with several book designers who will get your book ready to print using my illustrations. We work closely together to develop a style sheet for your book. If you go on to write several books in a series, the style sheet will provide continuity throughout the series. Font, color pallet, layout, size, and style are all developed together with the book designer. Additional book design fees can fall in the $500 - $1200 range. You are welcome to use your own book designer or self publish with your own layout software.

   For Children and Adult humor books, every page will be touched by illustration and give it a unique and continuous feel from the front cover to the inside liner pages, leaving the reader wanting more. Special details hidden within the pages add elements of surprise and wonder for even the youngest readers.

   You own the rights to reprint and use any materials drawn for you in all of your marketing materials. So you can use the illustrations to promote your book, build a website, make posters, tee-shirts, temporary tattoos, product, packaging and anything else you can conceive. I also maintain the rights to use the illustrations on my website. However, the pieces 
will not be available for sale to any other publication. They are custom drawn for your project. 

Children and Adult Humor Book Packages

Some examples:

Divorce Party Written By Amy Botwinick Illustrated By ED HOSE

The Flying Debris Written by Lisa Liguori and ED HOSE Illustrated By ED HOSE

Spencer Spider Spins Spinach over Spaghetti Written by Mattie Brown Illustrated By ED HOSE

Fletcher Fly Flips and Flees Florida Written by Mattie Brown Illustrated By ED HOSE

The Little Boy Who Ate Dirt Pudding and Roasted Pine Cones Written by Vincent D. LaFontan Illustrated by ED HOSE

The Pie That Made A Difference Written by Joan Scarborough Illustrated By ED HOSE

Eiffel And The Box Turtle Written by Elizabeth Gray Illustrated by ED HOSE

Mommy, Where's My Flag? Written by Joyce Oglesby Illustrated by ED HOSE

Hello Rocky Written By Jeffrey Neil Fox Illustrated By ED HOSE